About Dr. Hoover

Paula F. Hernandez Hoover, O.D. graduated and completed a residency program in cornea and contact at the Indiana University School of Optometry. With extreme proficiency in all areas of optometry, she maintains a particular interest in specialty contact lenses for astigmatism, as well as bifocals and hard lenses (gas permeable). To remain on the cutting edge of her field, she pursues continued education through the American Optometric Association and the Kentucky Optometric Association. She brings over 13 years of experience to our quality services.

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Dr. Hoover is involved in the local community through the Central Kentucky Jaycees where the focus is on community service, which includes fundraisers, humane society volunteering, finding shelter for abused families, big brothers/big sisters and Relay for Life.

She currently resides in Frankfort, is married with two step daughters and enjoys spending time with family and friends in her spare time.